Thanks for your support

Tampa Bay Chinese School is a non-profit, community-oriented, educational organization. The school is largely operated by volunteers and financed by student tuitions and a small number of local corporate sponsors. As the demand for learning Chinese language and culture grows rapidly in recent years, the call for improving and expanding our programs has also become louder than ever. While we are pleased with the progress we have made so far and excited about the future of our school, we are also facing a great number of challenges, among them the lack of funding to support a fully staffed and independently operated school environment.

Currently TBCS is only able to offer classes on Sundays, with limited time slots and rooms, simply because we do not have our own teaching facility. We are extremely grateful to the University of South Florida authority for lending portion of Cooper Hall to us on each Sunday so that our programs can continue and flourish to this point. But it has become increasingly obvious that TBCS needs its own facility in order to accommodate a rapidly growing student population and meet the requirements for offering Chinese classes in a broader time selections.

With your generous financial support, we believe we can work together to overcome these challenges and reach the goal of growing TBCS into a greatest local community learning center that you have dreamed of. We sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm in supporting our school. To pledge your donation, please send email to or contact Dr. Wang, Jia, the TBCS Principal directly at 813-786-8210. You can also pledge your support through our website at Once we receive your donation, TBCS will issue a receipt to you with our Federal Employer ID so that you can file your Federal tax return for charity deduction.

Tampa Bay Chinese School (TBCS) Inc is a Florida State-registered non-profit community educational organization. Filed under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, TBCS was granted Federal tax exempt status effective from August 4, 2005. Our organization was further classified as Public Charity Status (170(b)(1)(A)(vi), therefore all the monetary contributions to TBCS was tax deductible according to the IRS ruling.