School Events and Parties

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2012 School Events The first Student Talent Show and 4th Essay Contest Award Ceremony, May 2012
2012 Story Telling Festival, December 16, 2012
2011 Story Telling Festival 2011 Story Telling Festival was held on November 20th, 2011 at USF Cooper Hall Rm .103. There were more than 180 students participated in individual and group story telling contests. Click on the thumb picture to the left to view event photos; click here to see the competition results for each group.
2011 End of School Year party 2011 End of School Year party and Awards Ceremony for the 3rd Student Essay Contest were held on May 21, 2011 at Lake Magdalene; click on the image to the left for more party photos and here for event details
Story Telling Festival 2010 Tradition went on - another successful Story Telling Festival was celebrated on November 21, 2010 at USF Lecture Hall

This year, we had record breaking number of students taking part in the event to showcase their spoken Chinese and story telling talents. To view event photos, please click on the image on the left or here

2010 Gradaution Party 2010 TBCS Graduation Party and 2nd Chinese Essay Contest Award Ceremony

Please click here to view the winner list and click here to view award ceremony photos..

2009 Story Telling Festival 2009 TBCS Story Telling Festival

The annual story telling festival was held on November 22, 2009 on USF campus; about 150 students, age 4 through 16, took part in the event..

2009 Gradaution Party Congratulations to class of 2009 and Winners of 1st Chinese Essay Competitions!

The Annual TBCS School Party was held on May 24, 2009 at Lake Magdalene TBCC camp site..

2008 Story Telling Tell or Perform a Chinese Story!

It's showtime! Every year around Thanksgiving time, TBCS students go on stage to show off their Chinese language skills learned from the school, through telling great and fun stories in Chinese. There were 180 plus students,including some from non-Chinese speaking families, took part in the event.

2008 spring picnic Celebrated School Spring Break! April 6th, 2008

This year's school Spring Picnic party was held at USF Riverfront Park. Kids, parents and teachers run variety of small outdoor games, enjoyed BBQ and dish foods prepared by a group of volunteers. Although the Sunday afternoon rain had cut short the party, the fun and stomachs had been mostly fulfilled...

student performance 2008 Chinese New Year Celebration, Feb. 2nd, 2008

This year the party was held at Countryside High School in Clearwater, Florida. TBCS students and parents worked very hard and really dedicated their time and efforts for the greatest performance. Click left to check it out...

2007 Story Telling Festival 2007 Story Telling Festival

The tradition kept going - again TBCS had a fantastic story telling competition for year 2007. The festival was held on Sunday December 16, 2007 at USF Lecture Hall. This year, we had new contenders - the 4-5 yr old Early Child Development classes and the Adult class students...Click on the picture to left to see how they did it!

2007 CNY Party 2007 Chinese New Year Party

TBCS students, while learning Chinese language, also actively participate in various kinds of cultural events. Folk dance performed by TBCS students at the 2007 Chinese New Year Celebration Party in St. Petersburg.

2006 story telling contest 2006 Chinese Story telling Contest.

Story telling contest is a great playground for our students to show off their Chinese language skill and what they have learned of many interesting folks stories that have been told generations in China.

2005-06 school year end party 2005-06 School Year-End Picnic Party.

Chinese school year ends about same time as regular schools do. It has been the tradition of TBCS that we celebrate the completion of each school year with a gigantic picnic and award ceremony to reward those teachers and volunteers who had done great contributions to the success of the school.

2006 CNY Party 2006 Chinese New Year Party

TBCS students performed Chinese folk dance at the 2006 Chinese New Year party. Students usually practiced folk dance right after regular Chinese language class.

2005 Moon Festival Moon Festival Party, September 2005

Moon Festival is another major traditional Chinese holiday observed for thousands years. While enjoying eating the sweet moon cakes, students were also invited to perform on stages with their teachers and their parents.